Crime Prevention

The key to preventing crime, in Ogden and any other town, is through community involvement. Ogden City residents are urged to get involved and partner with police officers to be the eyes and ears within neighborhoods. The Ogden City Police department has developed several organized programs that strongly promote active involvement from the community and make it easy to get involved.

Community Policing

All Ogden City officers throughout the police department have been assigned a geographical area of the city as a community police project. This offers citizens a team of officers with expert knowledge of the specific area. The intent is to enhance the police department's response to citizens by addressing the issues that are of primary concern to each individual neighborhood.

Neighborhood Watch

Calls upon residents to step forward and assist the police in organizing the community into a cohesive unit working toward the goal of building safer, crime-free neighborhoods.

Graffiti Task Force

A program that urges citizens to report graffiti immediately. And because prompt removal is the key to wiping out graffiti in an area, the task force will remove the graffiti within 24 hours, (801) 629-8271.

Community Involvement

Community involvement means crime prevention. But keep in mind that a significant number of property crimes are simply crimes of opportunity. When personal belongings are left unattended in an unlocked vehicle or in the yard over night, it creates an opportunity for theft and vandalism. Citizens can reduce property related crimes at little or no cost just by being responsible for their property. Always lock vehicles, keep garage doors closed, and keep personal belongings out of view. These are the simplest and often times the most effective methods of crime prevention.