Curb & Gutter Inspection

The following are what an inspector looks for during a Curb and Gutter Inspection.
  1. Review plans prior to inspection or upon arrival.
  2. Concrete mix design submittal's to meet Ogden city specifications of 4,000 p.s.i. 6 ½ mix during the months of March 1st to October 1st. 7 ½ bag mix between October 1st and March 1st.
  3. Grade staking for control.
  4. Proof roll sub grade for deflection and stability.
  5. Required road base depth placed and compaction test known prior to curb placement.
  6. Expansion joints/control joints spacing every 40 feet and at point of curve and end of curve with emulsified expansion material when placing curb and gutter by forming. Slip formed curb placement expansion joints required only at point of curve, end of curve and start and end points.
  7. Test cylinders, air entrainment, and slump tests if required.
  8. Broom finish.