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About Engineering

The Engineering Division of Ogden City works mainly in designing, monitoring and improving the infrastructure of the city. Working closely with the City's Water, Sewer, Storm Drain, and Street Divisions, Ogden City engineers determine the utility needs for an ever-evolving city.

As part of an ongoing effort to improve the quality of utility services available to residents, it occasionally becomes necessary to construct water tanks and pipelines along Ogden's hillsides or to tear up roads to replace aging and inadequate utility pipes. These temporary inconveniences help ensure a better quality of life for residents in the future.

Who Do I Contact About Potholes and Road Damage?

State Roads, City Streets and Private Streets are maintained by different agencies.  Please see the map on the City & State Roads page to determine who owns the road you are inquiring about.

  • State Roads are maintained by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT).  If your vehicle was damaged on a state road, you would file a claim in one of three different ways:
  • City Streets are maintained by Ogden City Public Services.  To report street damage and potholes, please call 801-629-8271.  If your vehicle was damaged on a city road, please contact Ogden City's Risk Management Coordinator at 801-629-8075
  • Private Streets, Lanes and Parking Lots are usually maintained by the property owner or their designated management service.

2020 Engineering Standards for Public Improvements

The 2020 Engineering Standards for Public Improvements document is available for download as a PDF document. This document includes all current engineering standards and specification, and is required on all public improvement projects.

Please refer to the Documents & Links page for separate sections of the Engineering standards, as well as details and standards related to specific types of jobs.