2023 Archived Bids and Tabulations

Request for Proposal - Budgeting and Capital Planning Software (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Compensation Structure Study (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Appraisal Services, Residential Real Estate (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Cinco de Mayo Car Show (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Constable Services (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Demolition Services - 1 (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Demolition Services - 2 (Closed)

Request for Qualifications - Design Consultant - Ogden East Temple Area (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - El Monte Deck 1(Closed)

Invitation to Bid - El Monte Deck Project 2 (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Elevator Maintenance and Repair Services for Various Ogden City Facilities (Closed)

Request for Bid - Environmental Subsurface Site Remediation - 856 25th Street (Closed)


Request for Proposal - Green Waste Grinding Contract (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Management Study of Ogden City's Prosecutor's Office (Closed)

Request for Qualifications - General Contractor Construction Services - Marshall N White Center Demolition and Rebuild Project (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Marshall N White Center Demolition and Rebuild Project* (Closed)

       *Open to Pre-Qualified Contractors Only

Invitation to Bid - North Street - Harrisville to Wall (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Ogden Sports Complex Master Plan (Closed)

Request for Proposal - OPD Shot Tracking Device (Closed)

 Request for Proposal - Patient Handling Service (Closed)


Invitation to Bid - Raise & Collar - Public Services Operations Contract (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Recreation Photography Services (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Real Estate Services - Broad Listing Broker (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - SA009 Jefferson Area Utility Improvements (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - 2023 Sidewalk Spot Repairs Citywide Contract CIP/EN004A (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - State Pedestrian Project - Wall Ave: S/o 2nd St (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Union Station Offices Remodel (Closed)

Request for Bid - Well Maintenance & Inspection Services Contrac(Closed)

Invitation to Bid - WU015 800 North Improvements (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - WU015 Monroe Water Line Ph I (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - WU015 Country Hills PRV Station (Closed)