Commissioner VanPatten

Haille VanPatten

Haille Van Patten is the Marketing and Public Relations Manager at the Ogden Downtown Alliance. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Haille moved to the greater Ogden area with her family in 2004. Haille fell in love with Ogden and found herself staying in Utah long-term to attend Weber State University (WSU), where she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications in 2017. During her time at WSU, Haille worked in the Center for Community Engaged Learning, a job quickly sparking her passion for activism and democratic engagement. She went on to join the Weber State University Student Association (WSUSA) Service Team, where she served for 4 years and held various positions, including Student Director of WSU’s Alternative Breaks program. Through Alternative Breaks, Haille was able to volunteer on service trips centered around hunger justice, urban sustainability and rebuilding communities. The aforementioned interactions with diverse populations fostered the growth of Haille’s love for connecting with her community. Since graduating, Haille has remained passionate about Ogden, volunteering at a variety of public events and serving on committees like WSU's Young Alumni Council and the College Town Marketing Committee. Haille looks forward to serving Ogden City in this new capacity and being an agent of change.