Identifying Leaks

Can the City Help Me Identify a Leak?

If you are experiencing a higher than normal water bill but have been unable to identify leaks within your system, you are welcome to call Ogden City Utilities and discuss your concerns.

Our staff will review your account and determine if your home has a newer model electronic read meter.
Water Meter


If you have a newer model meter, we will dispatch a technician to download information from your meter on your daily usage. These meters are able to provide us with up to 96 days of information as well as identify indications of intermittent or steady leaks within your system. A print out of this information will be produced in our offices and a copy sent to you for your review.

Older Meters

If your home does not have a new meter we will set up an appointment for a crew to meet you at your home and check your meter for indications of leaks. If there are indications of a leak they will need you to be able to access your internal main shut off valve. Shut off of this valve will help determine if your leak is internal or external.

Instructions for Repair

If leaks are identified on the customers exterior plumbing a notice of repair may be issued along with instructions of how to make repairs on a lateral line.