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ESCO Project

Ogden City issued bonds to fund Energy Conservation Projects in city facilities and city-owned street lights.

Utah Clean Energy

Focuses on cost-effective ways to reduce energy consumption. Ogden is a pilot city to develop the program.

Utah House Bill 411

Establish and achieve a goal to source net-100% of electric energy from renewable resources by 2030.  

Sustainability Committee

Advises the city on sustainable environmental practices and responsible stewardship of Ogden’s resources.  

Welcome to the Ogden City Council's Sustainability Page.

Many efforts are being made to address sustainability in Utah, and Ogden is no different. The City Council has taken action and will continue to make considerations that will make Ogden more energy efficient. Please refer to the different links provided on this page to learn about what's been done, what's in progress, and what the future holds.

If you have any questions about sustainability in Ogden, send us an email anytime at, or call us during regular business hours at 801-629-8153.