Five-Year Strategic Plan

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More details about each of the directives, as well as the strategic planning process, can be found in the Ogden Strategic Plan document.

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Through Ogden City's geographic information system (GIS), a dashboard was created to allow the public to see how the city is addressing the four Strategic Directives in real-time.


September 25, 2020 – The Strategic Planning Advisory Committee met with members of the City to receive a progress report on City’s efforts. This report highlights updates on the four Strategic Directives, Strategic Plan projects, capital projects, and an upcoming Strategic Plan dashboard. The Committee asked that these efforts be forwarded to those who provided contact information during the Strategic Plan Process. The progress report can be found here. 

August 18, 2020 – The Council amended the budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 to carry-forward $305,000 of Strategic Plan funds from Fiscal Year 2019 to 2021, and allocated $30,000 for Spanish-language translation services. 

June 23, 2020 – The Council adopted the FY2021 Budget for Ogden City. Although COVID-19 has caused some delays, the City is still working towards the directives adopted in the Strategic Plan. Showing the City’s commitment to the Strategic Plan Directives, this year’s budget funded various Capital Improvement Projects, including Marshall White Improvements and Redesign, Sidewalk Curb and Gutter Replacement, Street Construction and Improvements, Bike Master Plan Projects, Union Station Improvements, 50/50 City Citizen Sidewalk, East Side Dog Park and Park Renovation, Airport Rehabilitation Apron Improvements, and many more.

Many hours have been invested in developing our city’s five-year community-based vision and strategic plan. Volunteers with a desire to contribute to the future of our community shouldered the majority of the work to ensure Ogden residents had ample opportunities to have their voice heard.

The Council would like to thank the members of our Strategic Planning Advisory Committee. They gathered citizen surveys and planned meetings where residents shared their thoughts about the future of the Ogden community and where to focus our efforts as a city. Citizens from all areas of the city collectively contributed thousands of hours to the creation of this plan.

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The committee reviewed information from thousands of written responses and evaluated feedback from hundreds of residents that participated in-person through community dialogue sessions. Thank you to those that took this opportunity to share your thoughts.

The Council expects this plan to serve as a guide for city staff and elected officials as decisions are made on how to best allocate the resources entrusted to us by citizens. Many elements identified in the plan reflect the City’s ongoing efforts and will not require a drastic shift in the city’s overall strategy. However, this plan will guide elected officials in determining specific focus areas that will inform decisions made during the annual budget process.

The Council is committed to using available resources in ways that advance the priorities identified in the study.

The Results

Through the study, the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee identified four Strategic Directives; Economic Development, Community Safety, Recreation, and City Image & Appearance.

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Ogden is home to an array of successful businesses and a diversely talented workforce. However, Ogden faces the challenges associated with growth: housing affordability, transportation, responsive wage and job growth, and spreading the benefits of growth throughout the community. Critical to success in every other area of the strategic plan is the ability to foster growth-minded economic development and bring in more high-paying jobs to support the growing population and fund public services required to maintain quality of life during growth.

Community Safety

Improvements to roads, sidewalks, and crosswalks are essential. This directive focuses first and foremost on making these needed improvements to enhance public safety. Residents also expressed a desire for more of a positive police presence in the community to reinforce the perception of law enforcement as respected public servants. As the Ogden Police Department already sets resources aside to conduct extensive outreach, the City helps facilitative collaborative partnerships between police and the public.


Maintenance and access to amenities such as the outdoors and local trails are critical elements in preserving quality of life for residents. The city plays an important role by maintaining recreational facilities and open spaces. Adult recreational activities are a unique tool in connecting various members of the community and creating meaningful experiences. Parks and facilities should be more accessible for organized public use, and the City will continue to collaborate with other stakeholders, specifically the Ogden School District and private institutions to make additional facilities available.

City Image & Appearance

Collaboration with the school district in marketing efforts is important to improve the perception of educational opportunities, leveraging the uniquely diverse social interactions that youth in Ogden experience. The City should also access current municipal staffing and wage levels as it strives to remain a great place to work. The physical appearance of Ogden also contributes to its image and reputation. Focusing resources towards improving the overall appearance of the City will enhance the community’s reputation with visitors and make it easier to attract potential residents and businesses. In addition, a beautiful neighborhoods, business and retail districts provide solid support for economic growth and fosters the special sense of community that has developed in Ogden over many years.

The City Council adopted Ogden City’s Five-Year Strategic Plan on September 10, 2019. The Council reviewed the plan in three Work Sessions to determine how to spend funds set aside during the Fiscal Year 2020 budget process.Work Session

Based on their discussions, the Council determined that the funds would be appropriated to the following areas:

  • Translation Services – Providing written documents in Spanish
  • Dashboard Development — Snapshot of Ogden’s progress on Strategic Plan Initiatives
  • Youth Recreation – Through a partnership with Ogden School District, provide more facilities for practices and games
  • Cultural Event – Ballet Folklorico, a visiting dance troupe from Mexico
  • Various CIP Projects – Including entryway signs, sidewalk repair, additional streetlighting, etc.

A budget amendment to appropriate these funds will be presented to the Council the first part of 2020.

As a result of the adoption of the Strategic Plan, the Council revamped the budget review process for Fiscal Year 2021. The Council adopted a resolution establishing Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Goals to focus on the four Strategic Directives. The City Administration is also using these Strategic Directives to guide their budget process.

This page will be updated periodically as projects are brought forward and implemented.