Urban Chickens

The Ogden City Council, in a 4-3 vote on December 19, 2017, adopted an ordinance allowing backyard chickens in Ogden’s residential neighborhoods. 

“We are grateful for the incredible public involvement in this process,” Council Chair Marcia White said. “We have heard from those on both sides of the issue, had difficult conversations, and worked hard to strike a balance that meets the needs of our community.”

The new ordinance allows up to six chickens in the backyards of single-family, owner-occupied homes, with a minimum of 2,000 square feet of open area. Chickens must be contained at all times in a fully enclosed coop/chicken run. 
12-19-2017 Backyard Chickens Discussion
The ordinance sets in place an annual licensing fee of $5 per chicken and requires owners to obtain a land use permit to show the location of the coop/run, a map of the backyard and distances to adjacent homes, and an inspection of land use permit compliance prior to animal licensing.  

Under the new ordinance, owners are required to maintain coops in a clean and sanitary condition at least 25 feet from homes on adjacent property and five feet from property lines, the owner’s home, and any vegetation except grass. The animals should be cared for and controlled in order to prevent a public nuisance, and food should be kept secure from rodents and other wildlife, with spillage and leftover food removed daily. The new ordinance also prohibits the sale of eggs or fertilizer produced by the chickens.

Click here to access the urban chickens information packet for the December 19 City Council meeting. 

Video of December 19 City Council Meeting

Video of August 29 Fact Finding Work Session